This Solution Paper outlines alternatives to the current public pension system that is putting enormous and increasing financial stress on state and local budgets across the nation. In this paper, LJAF’s Vice President for Public Accountability Initiatives, Dr. Josh McGee, highlights both the source of the problems as well as effective and sustainable solutions that transcend traditional...


By their own estimates, state governments have accrued more than three-quarters of a trillion dollars in pension debt. When combined with municipal pension debt, conservative estimates of the total state and local unfunded liability top $1 trillion.  Our public employees deserve more than false promises. They deserve to be part of a system that is fiscally sound, responsibly managed, and...

This policy brief was originally published by the TIAA-CREF Institute. It identifies elements that should be included in any retirement savings system, including defined contribution plans. The brief also debunks the claims made in A Better Bang for the Buck, a report published by the National Institute for Retirement Security.

This policy brief debunks some of the most common arguments against pension reform and outlines a clear path toward a sustainable solution. Author Josh McGee, vice president of public accountability for the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, explains how comprehensive reform will do more than just cut cost; it will protect workers and taxpayers.


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